With the Second Story I want to challenge the socially and environmentally unjust fast fashion system.  
By sharing the stories of different people,
rediscovering what clothing really means to us on a personal level, we might be able to find an alternative way of creating beautiful clothing, all while living in harmony with nature.

After studying fashion design, learning more about the fashion practices of today, I‘ve realized we are in dire need of doing things differently. We are experiencing an incredible fast-paced world of cheap and all time available clothing, for which the environment and the people making our clothes, have to pay the price.
We’re used to really cheap prices because of the fast fashion industry, but that’s not showing the true value of clothes. To let you have a better understanding why a piece by The Second Story costs as much, I have a transparent price communication for everything I create. So you know exactly what you’re paying for.
All pieces I’m making for The Second Story are created with carefully handpicked second-hand fabrics. I find beauty in the materials that have been used before and belonged to someone else. No longer a value for others, I see a lot of potential to continue using something old, to create a new story and to uphold their past. 
In a more spiritual way I would describe fast fashion as a shell without a soul, where vintage fashion, second-hand garments, clothes with a careful and thought-through design, have a rich past to be cared for deeply. More individual meaning and emotional connection can hopefully shift the way we’re producing fashion today, leading to social justice and better environmental practices.
With stories of different people I would like to discover what clothing means to them. The Second Story is an ongoing project to not only sell clothes but to find an alternative way how we make garments today and create a space to share our personal stories.
Love, Camilla